Healthy, Simple and Quick Breakfast - Thursday

Thursday - Avocado Toast

I know, so hipster, but it is actually a great breakfast and can be made  in less than 5 minutes!

Purchasing a good quality bread is key here. You want to find a bread that does not contain sugar, that has whole grains, is sprouted and has little to no preservatives.

My top choices are:

Ezekiel sprouted bread - find in the frozen section of Whole Foods (learn more about the benefits of sprouted bread here

Freshly made sourdough or whole grain bread from a local bakery - ex. Bread Affair. Surprised to see sourdough here? It's actually a fantastic choice! (learn more here


  • Toast your bread to desired toastyness
  • Cut avocado in half and place one half onto toast (either mash or leave in slices)
  • Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper

* you can also spread hummus onto toast before putting avocado on or you can add scrambled eggs, or a poached egg on top of avocado.


Avocados are an incredible source of monounsaturated fat (a good fat!). They contain potassium, vitamin C, b vitamins, folate, fiber and are considered and extremely heart healthy food. They have also been shown to increase absorption of other nutrients that we eat alongside them.