Back To School Sleep Tips!

Back To School Sleep Tips!

Whether you're a parent to little ones, teenagers or going back to school yourself, I have some super easy sleep tips to share with you. 

With summer coming to a close and the days getting shorter, the loss of day light should make it easier for most to start going to bed earlier and rise easier.

To make the transition back to school easier follow the below tips.

  1. Avoid any sugars past 4pm. Opt for fruit as desert but focus on local fruits, as many tropical fruits contain higher amounts of sugar (mango, pineapple etc)
  2. Turn off all electronics at least 2 hours before bed. Blue light from electronics signals our pineal gland to produce cortisol which keeps us awake and alert. Blue light also blocks melatonin production, which makes us feel sleepy.
  3. Have a warm shower or bath about an hour before bed. Doing so, even in warmer summer temperatures actually helps to relax you and supports a deep sleep. After towelling off, your core temperature begins to cool itself which is why you feel so relaxed. Be sure you have about an hour between the bath and climbing into bed.
  4. Use essential oils to promote relaxation and quality sleep. Try lavender in a diffuser or as a room spray. Lavender has been shown to promote sleep and relaxation.
  5. If 14 years or older, try herbal tea about an hour before bed. Some easy to find, sleep promoting teas include Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Chamomile or Lemon Balm. Since each body is different and responds to things in different ways you may want to experiment with various herbal teas to find which help you most. For example, some people may find valerian root to cause them to feel drowsy in the morning and while some feel great.
  6. For adults - avoid caffeine 6-7 hours before bed. For some, it can take up to 7 hours for caffeine to pass through their system. Consuming caffeinated beverages late in the day can be a major hindrance to our sleep.


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